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Modular and Durable Imaging Suites

With MedBays, we convert shipping containers into ready-to-use imaging suites that can host a variety of clinical modalities. These modular medical containers, or MMCs, make diagnostic imaging systems accessible and cost-effective. Both mobile and durable, MMCs are a simplified turn-key solution to expanding medical imaging capabilities around the world.

Did you know?

About 2/3 of the world does not have access to basic radiology services, according to the World Health Organization.

That’s two-thirds of the world that cannot use imaging technology for the early detection of cancers or pinpoint internal bleeding. MedBays directly meets these needs by customizing the interior and exterior of standard shipping containers (40ft or 20ft) to accommodate a variety of medical imaging modalities, such as CT or Mammography. In doing so, we make diagnostic imaging systems more attainable for everyone, especially those in more rural areas without adequate electricity or resources for common brick-and-mortar facilities.

Each container is designed for the most efficient workflow and includes all necessary furnishing to support the modality selected, and the interior includes insulated walls, flooring, lighting, and ventilation for HVAC. These container modules can be constructed as a stand-alone facility or even assembled as multiple container modules that are prefabricated at our facility and then assembled at the final destination, offering our clients the ability to build a complete healthcare facility out of a building block concept.

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Our Process

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We work directly with each client to understand what they need and where their final product will be used. Each container is catered uniquely to the client, and we maintain transparent communication throughout the planning, so they know exactly what to expect.

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After planning, we meticulously craft our designs with strict attention to detail, ensuring each aspect of the project meets our client’s goals. We then thoroughly review the designs and settle on a final plan to execute.

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In this last stage, we take our designs and bring them to life. Utilizing raw materials, our skilled craftsmen efficiently construct the final product. The customer’s ideas are made tangible, and the customized and ready-to-use container is completed and sent to the destination.

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Functionality & Expansion

MedBays Modular Medical Containers are extremely adaptable. With onboard power generators, these imaging suites can be placed virtually anywhere. The imaging systems that we can currently support within an MMC include the following modalities:

  • CT
  • Mammography
  • Rad

Is your facility out of the room? Has your hospital or imaging center outgrown its space? We offer a cost-effective and turnkey solution to increasing your imaging capabilities. With a MedBays Modular Medical Container, you can expand your facility in mere weeks rather than months or years. Contact us today to begin designing your built-to-suit MMC for your facility!