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Harmony offers an extensive selection of high-quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment. We have a detailed process to test, refurbish, and qualify our equipment for resale in our 20,000-square-foot warehouse based in Tennessee.

Though we specialize in Philips and Siemens, the modalities we primarily support for most major manufacturers are CT, MRI, CV, Mammography, and X-ray. As our inventory has a quick turnover time, we recommend you call or e-mail us with your specific needs. With fair pricing and unmatched quality, we can help you select and purchase the imaging equipment that best fits your requirements.

Contact us today at (615) 357-0737 or send us an email at sales@harmonymeds.com.


Sell Your Equipment

In addition to selling equipment here at Harmony, we are also willing to buy your used medical imaging systems! We understand the time-consuming and often tedious process associated with trading in, or even simply selling, your medical system. That’s why we will help simplify this process for you — we will evaluate your system and offer the best market value through our Outright Purchasing Program, which includes de-installation, rigging, and removal.
Systems that we frequently purchase are CT, MRI, CV, Mammography, and X-ray. The ages of the systems can vary.

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